Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My little secret

Just to let you on to a little secret...

I've made reservations at Tetsuya today for the 17 Dec to celebrate my completion of the course (hopefully).

P.S the restaurant is fully booked (yes..even on weekdays) from now to Oct.
I just HAVE to go there while I'm still in Sydney. Nothing will stop me.


  1. Hope jason can be there to celebrate with you :)

  2. Don't let anything stop you!!! My parents love Tetsuya's.=D

  3. Cindy: Haha..yeah i told him to come during that period!!Really hope that he can.. If not, I would have to look for someone else to go with!

    sy: haha..I'm sure your parents love Tetsuya's.have you been there??

  4. Nope.. Never been to Sydney.^_^" My parents were thinking of going there for a family trip later this year, but they might go visit me in Kyoto instead!