Monday, May 11, 2009

My first weekend

Since sis was here, she ate up all the madeleines, some of the scones, and a part of the genoise sponge which she pronounced it good. Since I had a few days before school starts again, I wanted her to explore as many parts of this city, as much as possible anyway.

The list went like that…

Opera House- checked
The Rocks- checked
Harbour bridge- checked
Watsons bay and fish and chips- checked
Shopping in the city- checked

What’s left?

We shopped on Sunday, checking out the aussie labels, walked through the famous David Jones food hall.

We walked (a hell lot) on Monday, taking in the natural beauty of the coastal walk from Bondi beach to Coogee beach, and listening to the peaceful sounds of the waves.

We ate, and ate on Tuesday, chewing on the fresh seafood from lobster to sashimi at the Sydney Fish market, and then munching on the loveliest traditional Italian biscuits at Haberfield.

We chilled on Wednesday, strolling without any purpose at Manly from the Corso to Manly beach and then to the look out point. We tasted bad food one after another, from the garlic prawns to the dissatisfying pancakes.

The few days were tiring but in a good sense.
Soon, my break and hers were over. She, back to Singapore for her internship and I, back to school where I am greeted by the glow of sunrise and the kiss of sunset.


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