Sunday, May 24, 2009

Men buy, women shop

My beautiful tools: check out the colourful set of Tovolo Standz accessories

You know how males and females are wired differently?
Shopping (it ought to be a female term really) alone proves that point.

You see, men buy, women shop.

Men stay focus and buy what they intend to.
Women like to browse..get distracted and end up with a truckload of unintended items in her shopping bag.

I just proved that point today.

After church service, I wanted to shop for some winter essentials like a scarf and windbreaker. Instead of going into female fashion stores, I wounded up at a kitchenware shop. I just couldn’t resist it after spotting the ‘sale’ banner at the shop window.

So instead of getting my much-needed winter clothing, I ended up with the six items from the kitchenwear(ware) shop. I guess damage could have been worse.

I put back many items such as the beautiful Le Creuset cast iron pans, those Riedel wine glasses, and that Bodum ice tea flask- just because I’m not settling down in Sydney.

I ended up with a Tovolo Standz silicon pastry brush (definitely a need: I need that for class), a set of Cuisinart round cookie cutters (also a need: for class), a Tovolo Standz vegetable peeler (A need: the one I have at home isn’t sharp at all to cut anything. Seriously.), a Tovolo standz grater ( A need..or maybe a want: useful for cooking at home and hey, it’s cool to get a pretty set of matching cooking tools), a cheese knife (ok..i can’t justify this one.)

What’s a girl to do when shopping is in her genes.
All females say ‘aye’ to that.

(P.S Did I mention how females can always find justifications for all their purchases? )

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