Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tools of the trade

Just as a carpenter has his measuring tape, hammer, and nails, every chef needs his set of kitchen tools.

Tools- powerful yet unassuming.
It allow those with adroit hands to create something beautiful, something that people desire.

I hope to be a master and not a slave to them.


I have been excited from day 1 about this tool kit ever since I saw the list. The tool kit and uniform set comes at a stunning price of AU$2,235. The price tag does add to my curiosity on receiving it.

We each receive 2 sets of the chef jackets with double row blue buttons, 2 pairs of checked black and white trousers, 2 blue neckerchief, 2 forage caps and 2 aprons. The kit comes in a foldable black case with about 43 items- including 9 knives, pipping bags and nozzles, a whisk, a sugar thermometer, a trussing needle amongst others.

The moment I collected my tool kit and uniform, I felt like a kid receiving a huge present. I couldn’t wait to get home to open it all up just to open it and see how it looks and works.

On a more serious note, the tool kit seems to come with responsibility and purpose; apart from dispelling the surrealism of the journey that I’m about to take, it re-enforces a whole new sense of purpose in me.

Trying on the uniform and forage cap made me almost tremble with excitement and anticipation. I wonder what lies ahead for me.

I wonder what I will get out of this 9 months.

I wonder what life will be like after the 9 months.

I keep wondering.

This turning point, right at the point of the crossroads of my quarter life, I am finally doing something different, something meaningful with my life. I’m really happy about that.

This is something that I would not and could not do in the past. Daring to turn against society’s expectations, away from peer pressure to do well, I’m taking this step in faith.


  1. The tool kit sounds cool! 9 knives??!! I'm pretty sure you'll be stopped by the SMRT security guards here in Spore ; p

  2. hey babe! i can totally feel the excitment in your posts :) yes it will sure feel amazing pursuing a course that is unconventional and of great interest! am looking forward to read more about your journey over there! :) cheerios!

  3. hey babe. hope you are doing fine. I've been thinking alot about life in general too..i'm glad you are crafting something meaningful in ur life and taking the 1st steps to something different and meaningful for u...i wonder if i'll ever find something esle against social norms..like doing something i really like..- hui jun

  4. Hello all

    thanks for your comments! =D keep them coming. I'm happy to read them. and i need to feel connected back home!

    to Cindy:yeah we have many knives even though we are patisserie students. I think I can't carry them around in Sg man.

    to von: Have you gotten my card? How are you doing? Email me when you can!

    to jun: how are you doing? it's good that you are reflecting about life..better than letting it pass you by and not realising it. I believe that you will find something that you find joy in. Just believe in it. Doesn't need to be against social norms.??