Wednesday, June 24, 2009

LCB Basic - Assessment day 1

Just finished day 1 of assessment..
What a down and two more to go..

The making of the two types of puff pastry dough and the pate sucree(Sweetcrust pastry) went pretty smoothly without any major drama so I'm happy with that.

I'm just crossing my fingers that my puff pastry will turn out well on Saturday.

The biggest challenge now is the eclair. For tomorrow, we will have to produce ten of twelve cm coffee eclairs complete with fondant icing and coffee-flavoured creme patissiere. Producing ten eclairs doesn't seem tough does it? But to produce ten identical ones, all perfect with shiny fondant icing, and nicely piped smooth creme pat in the center in three and a half hours is going to be a major thing for me especially when my eclair lesson didn't turn out that great either.

Wish me luck..

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